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Medical Equipment Supplier


As a medical Equipment supplier in Dhaka, Medical Shop Bd act as a key player in the unbounded healthcare sector in Bangladesh and abroad. Our trusted buyers and vendors are continuing their uninterrupted service on 24/7 basics during this pandemic time. “Oxygen Concentrator” For this reason, we have adhered to a number of recommendations made by health publications in Bangladesh to ensure the safety of employees and clients.

Although we were allowing a limited number of visitors in our medical equipment store via appointment only and started limited online service, so that everyone can bid our service and view lots and lots of opportunities available here, we are one of the medical equipment, hospital equipment, and medical products providers in Dhaka who has highly diverse from a various range of healthcare sectors including hospitality, plant, and machinery, catering, and bio-science. So, you can contact us anytime, anywhere, to know more information.


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